The ROHO Project was founded by Carrie Cox.  Carrie has experienced firsthand the transformative power of creating beautiful space within her own home as part of the process of reclaiming her life post-trauma.  She has acted as a mental health and well-being advocate and activist for over ten years with numerous organizations in Toronto, specifically in the areas of ED (Eating Disorders) and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), and is truly happiest when messiest, creating beauty along the way.  From dragging home chairs off the side of the road that she can paint and decoupage with beautiful paper, to meticulously punching out hundreds of hearts to create a collage on the wall above her daughter’s desk, Carrie has done it all.  Turning ROHO into a reality has been a dream of Carrie’s for a long time, as the opportunity to take what happens to you and transform it (often with paint) into something beautiful is truly a gift to share with the world.