A Room of Her Own

“A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” – Virginia Woolf

I remember reading and re-reading those iconic words from Virginia Woolf’s extended essay entitled “A Room of One’s Own” many years ago.  They stuck in my head in much the same way that the idea for this very project has been rolling around in my brain, just waiting for the right moment to come to fruition.

And so it was that when I finally landed on a name (the non-profit project idea itself having been settled on already), it became The ROHO Project, signifying Room of Her Own.

Spaces play an incredibly powerful role in transforming our lives.  Consider the calming qualities of the ocean; the warm feeling of a fire in a cozy living room; or, conversely, the hurt that can flashback into our lives when we enter a space in which we have experienced or witnessed trauma.

Now consider a different scenario: picture a woman, who may or may not have children, whose life has been impacted by trauma.  She is a warrior who is regaining her footing, rebuilding her foundation.  Picture her working with other like-minded supporters to create a beautiful room within her home that is all her own, with her own two hands.  Maybe she paints the walls a brilliant bright colour; or maybe she creates artwork to hang around the room that is sparkly and shiny.  Maybe she plays with the idea of cozy textures, knitting a perfectly imperfect blanket.  Or maybe she wants a space that is different shades of cream and white, calm and peaceful after a storm.

Whatever she dreams up, we will help her to the best of our abilities in bringing her ideas home, where they belong.  Where she and her family and friends belong. In A Room of Her Own.

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